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Computer hell Feb. 18th, 2008 @ 12:58 am
Well... I was just in the grawn lab working on the sponsorship brochure for the RPL event and somehow I tapped the plug on my computer just right and my computer shut off!!! NO I DID NOT SAVE ANYTHING! The worst part is that I just got through all the hard tedious stuff because I decided to do that first and get it out of the way... SOOO now I have to wake up early and redo it because I was too frustrated to start over right there.  I just about screamed the second I walked outside AHHHHHhh. Ok thats enough of this rant I have to go to bed because I have to redo a brochure in the morning :/

On a second note... My team (DX) one the beer olympics this weekend, I guess that's pretty cool :)

ps to bad computers don't just autosave like livejournal does
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

So Sleepy Feb. 12th, 2008 @ 12:11 am
I have been tired all day... like unusually tired... falling asleep in the second row tired.. and energy drink + coffee and still tired tired...

I got back got through my homework for tomorrow and was some how possessed to work out... popped in the DVD and now I have energy..

but not enough energy to finish reading SAMSKARA>> not a huge fan of the book, and I have a paper due on it Wednesday... buttt seriously what am I doing on here.. that  is more important.. atleast I will get tired again :)
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Feb. 8th, 2008 @ 01:14 pm
I decided to come home this weekend.  I haven't seen my family in awhile and I thought it would probably be good since I don't know when the next time I am going to see them is.  I was going to leave this morning but since their was suppose to be snow this morning and I didn't really have plans for the night I came home after my reach out meeting.  Although the drive is ten times more boring at night because their is nothing to look at.  My parents were surprised to see me, they thought I was coming home today, i'm such a tricker ;) After I got home I went for some coffee at the Fleetwood with Moira and Troy! In Moiras new jeep :)  It was fun but once again I drank to much coffee and it resulted in being awake past 3am.  When I finally decided to go to bed I was waken 3 hours later by my sister getting ready for class because she wouldn't get out and the sooner she got out the sooner I get the better bed and get to go back to sleep so i tickled her until she got out of bed (i'm such a good sister).  After falling back asleep i woke at around 11ish, made a bagel, watched 16 candles and attempted to read more of Samskara ( a book I am reading for class) I actually put a big dent in it and hopefully I will finish most of it today. 

No one is home right now, I have no gas in my car, and no money. 

I have starred at the fireplace for the last half hour, with absolutely no thought going through my head.

I have no desire to yet get in the shower and I have decided I am sexually frustrated, although upon a conversation last night about a dream i keep having, the door is going to open an opportunity and apparently I am suppose to jump in (still confused and waiting).

I just want spring break to get here.

I like this line from the book I am reading. I don't know why. "It's true that Achari had no direct experience of life, but he was quite a sport with erotic poetry and things like that."
Current Location: The lazy boy
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: Crakling coming from the fireplace

Jack frost is backkkk Feb. 6th, 2008 @ 09:36 pm
My early intentions for today were drafted because the weather channel had indicated a 'winter weather advisory' starting sometime while I was most likely in bed.  Since I had thought about the fact that we may not have class today (mostly because the person in charge of closing it, we will assume Rao, seems to be okay with closing it once a week) I new we would.. nothing ever happens when I want it to, but that's okay because my life wouldn't be as interesting.  So I wake up in the morning.. well actually I woke up about 3 times, once at 7, again at 9, at this point I am angry at myself because I couldn't sleep until my alarm went off.  I tried forcing myself to go back to sleep until I finally did for what felt like about 20 minutes before my alarm went off. At this point I am tired again and quickly jump out of bed click the button and hop right back in.  When I eventually decided to get up (NOTE : the above few sentences are probably not that important just annoying) I looked outside and it looked like jack frost was paying a visit and he must have been angry.  Anyway, class wasn't cancelled so i contemaplated taking a shower decided to jump in but not for long because i was just going to get soggy walking in the snow anyway and ate some breakfast.  Today is also Ash Wednesday so I felt i needed to eat a good breakfast because I am fasting all day, which in my book means no snacks.  Anyway I went to class.

Class was going well today.. I finished my CAD assignment in the first 20 minutes, which gave me an hour to burn some time.  I decided to go to the library to do homework and actually read my Hinduism book before class !YAY!  what makes it better is I actually understood what I was reading this time and didn't get intimidated by the extremely large words and names that I have a hard time beginning to pronounce.  Things were good in the brain early on today :)

I got to my REL class sat down and chitchatted with Lauren and the others around me, when all of a sudden the whole word (well the people in my class) get texts and calls, I felt like everyone was on their phone.  Mostly annoyed because I hate when people are on their phones in classrooms, but then I felt refreshed when everyone started to talk over everyone else giving the word that campus was closing at 4.  Upon that refreshing message I also felt annoyed and confused that it would really matter at that second that 25 people had to say it and make a  huge deal about it when after all our class ends at 3:15 so that's not before the closing. Anyway, my teacher gave a lecture today in class that I actually enjoyed and found interesting, he said it was "one of the most important lectures in the class, be glad you came"  when in the middle of making all these points and talking about relaxation and what not someone comes to the door to tell us it's closing... as if we didn't already know.. after that everyone was off track.  Asking questions that he already answered and asking questions that didn't even pertain to the subject. Annoyed yet somewhat enlightened I left class, went over to the church to make sure mass times were still on, which they were (why I would ever think a church would close I have no idea) and proceeded to my next event. Which consisted of Melissa who I ran into walking around campus only to get to each place right after it closed.. like a minute literally.  SO we went to Ucup to study and it didn't really happen because we were chitchatting.. (plus their was a really cute guy there. nerdy cute. smart. well that's how he looked anyway) needless to say at 4:30 I left he Ucup and made my journey to church where I dispersed ashes and then went and ate at the RES with some fellow ultimate players and..

 now I'm back here.. which I mind you I have done absolutely NOTHING.. ok I watched an episode of House.  I have no desire of doing any homework and the big thing going through my mind is whether or not I should brew myself some coffee or if I would rather go to sleep early.. but the coffee sounds sooo good.  Oh well. 

OOPs looks like i'm late for the gauntlet..

Two days in a row, see I told you this would be a good thing.

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i'm back for real this time Feb. 5th, 2008 @ 06:00 pm
I know the last like five time's i have written in this i keep saying I'm going to write more but this time it's for real :)

I wrote this yesterday between classes..

ON dreary days I find myself evalutating my life.  I often think about things that are stressing me out decide I don't want to think about them anymore because after all I don't want to be more stressed and most of the time they shouldn't really matter in the whole of your life.  One of the most talked about and heard about "stresses" is money.  However I find it rather insignificant when you think about everything else.  This took me a long time to realize.  I have done multiple things to try and grow my bank account, as extreme as selling my plasma to delivering pizzas.  I used to think that in order to have fun one must have money whether it be bowling, going to the movies or even buying a fifth to share with a friend for the nights events.  Then I realize that many of the outcomes of these events were somewhat the same, I'm not saying that you can't have fun at any of these, my point is far from that.  I have just never found that usually when money is involved to help create an exciting night the pressure to have fun is greater.  One should look at their fortune as how many GOOD friends they have.  I'm not saying you should have a million friends to have fun.  My thought is that you should evaluate the QUALITY of your friends.  I believe being in good company is the key to a fulfilling life.

Maybe this is going through my head because I'm like many in college totally broke.  However I have made the decision to continuely stay broke for awhile.  I am going to live of the last dollar until I run in trouble and hope my parents can help me out, I have made a decision to not go searching for a job until summer unless it happens to fall in my lap.  I have been more focused on my school work and I think this is a result of that.  Also because my ankle.. who's going to hire a crippled.. but it should be better soon.. I hope.

Random scattered thoughts going through my head right now:

- I'm way excited for Tally Hall to come to Mt. P :) !!!!  I have been avoiding homework youtubing random videos by them and I found a video that actually has the back of Moira and my head as we are watching them in A2. This is the VIDEO , watch it if you wish and pick us out. 

-I really should be reading my REL 222 books.. if anyone has read SAMSKARA please brief me on what I'm reading it makes NO sense.

-Today is Fat Tuesday... I didn't really live up to it... Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.. the start of lent.. I'm in trouble.

-A million people just walked in Ucup right now... is 6:20 coffee time for everyone?

-I keep on having dreams about jumping some guy.. I still can't make out the face but he's a really good kisser.

Current Location: U Cup
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Tally Hall
Other entries
» summer beginnings
It seems as though when people are the busiest they waste the most time too.  I have felt extremely busy this summer already, I feel like there is just to much to do in to little time but then sometimes like tonight, i think to myself that I just wasted an evening.. which tonight consisted of driving my sisters to and from dance and soccer, making pizza for them and trying but failing to go for a run because it happened to start raining when i finally had a chance.  But life lately has been pretty good, summer which used to be spending time with friends and soaking in the sun is now consumed by work but I figure it will all be worth it when I am actually able to enjoy next school year without worrying about money tooo much. 
I'm starting to get good at my parts job at weingartz.. for those of you who dont know I am now working at the parts counter opposed to just pulling and checking in parts I actually have to look them up for people deal with customers when they are having problems with there equipment and serve them with a smile in the end.  I am genuinely a people person.  I love people!  On any given day I would be up to meeting someone knew and learning about them, most memories are made with others.  So it makes me sad to see my people person attitude slowly get ruined by the ignorant people in this country.  The world has become full of impatient needy people, and I say that with no doubt in my mind.  I can not believe how self centered people are, no one has concept of time anymore and everything needs to be rushed.  Less and less people appreciate good service.  But  I know i'm not going anywhere with this because it won't change anything soon and i feel like i'm complaining which i am not trying to do.

Anyway, although I am getting the hang of hte job I have also been hired into a new job.  Stonefire Bistro, a new italian restaurant opening on main street in brighton.  I am excited to work there it gives  a great vibe and to be honest I will probably make tons of money because one its the new thing in town and two the menu is quite pricey.   THe only downfall to it right now is that I have training all week right smack in the middle of the day so it doesn't give much hope to trying and working at my other job this week.  We are going to see how this goes and which job i end up with. 

Ann Arbor Ultimate league starts this week!! I am way excited I haven't played in some time.

I have a feeling this summer is going to be good :)

thats all for now
» Take out of it what you want
Ok, So I have been thinking about a lot of things lately, and frankly there are many things that I just find dumb.  Most involve policies or stuff of the sort.  I have decided to reopen my livejournal, If not for others to read then to just get a little off my chest or say something I think needs to be said.  Don't get me wrong all these entries won't be about stuff I am mad about, It's hard for me to get angry in the first place.  I probably won't being updating that often either, but here it goes...

Last week, I wrote a story in my facebook about the cafeteria here at glorious CMU... Here it is:

The Story of the Cafeteria Cookie Monster!

Today at the cafeteria I have been a victim of the worst policy ever thought of...

Upon realizing that they had extra large chocolate chip cookies we decided that they looked delicious and wanted one, most likely to save for later because we were full. So we each grabbed a cookie, or a brownie, or both in some cases and continued out the cafeteria doors. Half way out of the door some girl who thinks shes a bad ass because she swipes cards for a living decided that she did not want us to take the cookies out.

She proclaimed, "WAITTT! You are not allowed to take those cookies out! You are only allowed to take 1 ice cream or fruit."

Giving her blank stares, as we have taken many a cookie out of the caf before we decided, "ok i guess we can eat them here." Well, the others hid them in hoodie pockets while i just decided to quickly eat that surprisingly delicious treat. I had eaten half the cookie when I decided ok now shes not gonna care because it's already in the process of being eaten/been eaten. And Like stated earlier I was full and wanted to save it for later. I was wrong she said I must finish the entire cookie before leaving.

This is clearly a ridiculous policy, possibly by the fact that:
1) I had practicaly paid $9 for that cookie
2) if I wouldn't have wanted that cookie and eaten it, it would have been thrown in the garbage, because no one wants to eat a touched cookie, wasting food.
3) Ice cream is clearly a messier food than a cookie, but thats ok to take out.

I decided that she was clearly jealous because she knows that I had indeed taken the last cookie (with no remorse for the others who had come to the dessert counter after, saddened that they could not get one).

But none the less I finished my cookie and am planning retaliation! :)

Well Like promised I was going to retaliate and today I began. 

Today I went to lunch with my roommate Alahna, we were both excited to see what they had to offer, as I was walking in a boy was walking out eating yup you guessed it a COOKIE!  At first I thought nothing of it, then this girl (a different bitch this time)  yelled, I mean really YELLED, "YOU CAN NOT LEAVE WITH THAT."  I was some what frightened by the tone of voice and the anger she seemed to have by this boy taking a cookie, mind you he had less than half of it left, out of the cafeteria.  There was a manager standing next to the cookie cop, and so I thought what a perfect opportunity to say something, after all I was in a good mood despite sleeping through my 8am this morning.  So I said to him, " I don't understand why we can't take a cookie out of the cafeteria, especially when we have already started eating it, it's gonna end up in the garbage." He was somewhat flustered by the statement, so I continued, "I makes no sense that we can take an ice cream cone that is ten times messier out of the caf. but we can't take a half eaten cookie." Then he remember that oh yeah this is what they trained us for in cafeteria management, at least thats what I thought popped in his head, and said, "It is the cafeteria policy."  Well no shit I think I knew that already.  So I continued grilling him about the policy, I even through in the fact that we were paying nine dollars for the meal, which today consisted of a nine dollar grilled cheese, carrots, and an apple.  He then throws in that at a buffet you go in pay 10 dollars and don't take anything out.  Obviously he doesn't realize that usually when people go to a buffet they go to eat tons of food.  Not to eat average meals each day.  (If I ate everyday like I eat when I go to a buffet, let me just say I probably would no longer be mobile due to how much i would probably weigh. )  I continued to grill him, he obviously felt uncomfortable (He said policy about 10 times) I even told him that I understand its a policy and I know that he can't change the whole thing, but the key point was to get my point across, which I did do.  Hopefully he will spread it on to his bosses.  As of right now I feel totally satisfied with my argument. :)

On another note, Flo (aka my car) started today!  This is the second time in a week and a half that it has started.  The first I went to auto zone and bought some stuff called Heet because I thought the reason it wasn't starting was due to the cold.  Apparently it wasn't, oddly enough the day it did start which was last Thursday it ran the four times I turned it on, the next day it wouldn't work... so I was feeling lucky this morning tried it and it started!  Hopefully Flo will come out of her coma for good this time. 

FYI, I am still looking for a job for the rest of the school year, I think the count is in the 20's of places I have applied in this wonderful town.  I'll take pretty much anything short of working the corner on main.  At this point I'm even taking that into consideration.  Just kidding, :)

Until next time, Cheerio!

» Logic?!?
You Are Pretty Logical

You're a bit of a wizard when it comes to logic
While you don't have perfect logic, you logic is pretty darn good
Keep at it - you've got a lot of natural talent in this area!

well according to blogspot i am a pretty logical person so lets see how that translates on my exam in logic next week!
» Ok here it is..
Ok It has been an extremely long time since i have written an entry but over the next few days ill recap. Although this entry will probably not be long because i'm tired.

Today was my last day of work!!! THis summer has just flowen by and i mostly have work to thank for it, but i dont mind, im excited to go back to school. Although I did have many good times at work with the guys and created many inside jokes, working with guys all day and no girls is actually a lot of fun i kind of like listening to everything they talk about although sometimes i dont want to hear it. After work I went to the tigers game with my family which was really fun! although they lost :( Not liek i really care because im not a huge baseball fan anyway.

ok that reaches the extent of my energy for the night.

until tomorrow
» my lucky number
You Are 7: The Enthusiast

You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

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